Curvicality Founder Mary Beth Cooper: What to Do When Your Holidays Suck

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Not feeling the holiday spirit? Girl, I’m about to get real with you. 

December is supposed to be all about cheeriness and the holiday spirit — and most years, it is! But what if you’re having a rough year? 

News flash: You can’t always expect to feel dutifully cheery on command just because the calendar considers it a mandate.

A story from my life…

In 2016, I had the toughest holiday season of my life. My beloved Siamese cat Tahn Tahn was deathly ill. I stood by her side day after day, hoping for just a few more moments of life. (Pets are family, too.) 

I had also gone through a traumatic breakup that I didn’t see coming. I remember feeling angry because life was anything but good. There I was, going through one of the toughest times of my life while everyone else was appearing to be cheery. 

(Hey, I warned you I was about to get real!)

The same thing happened to our Vice President of Content, Michelle. Want to know how she spent her first family holiday dinner after her divorce? Let’s just say she downed her wine, her sister’s wine, her dad’s wine (wait for it) … aaaaand then passed out on the couch. Yep, she missed that holiday dinner altogether. Oops.

What I’m trying to say is that not everyone feels warm and fuzzy because it’s “that time of year.” Sometimes, “that time of year” is about as much fun as “that time of the month.” 

Yes, I agree that you can always find something to be thankful and cheery about if you try — but sometimes, you just can’t dig deep enough to find it. So what. You’re human. 

If you feel this way, remember you’re not the only one with these feelings. The holiday police are not going to issue you a special ticket for being a grinch. 

So give yourself permission to be where you are. Your goal in times like this is just to get through it, to keep going. Yes, that’s it. 

What to Do When Your Holidays Suck?
Do what’s best for you.

And always set and maintain your boundaries. During the holiday season, a lot of us can feel pushed around. If your Uncle Ben makes a comment about your life, don’t give him the power to dictate how you feel about yourself. 

If you need to, hop in the closed Curvicality Facebook group (you can find it on our Facebook page … send us an add request) and talk to the other members about how you’re feeling. You’ll find that more people than you think are going through the same thing. 

You, my friend, are not alone. 

At the end of the day, remember that the holiday season may be difficult, but it’s only six or seven weeks out of the year. You will survive!

And if you need to, wear an ugly Christmas sweater. Looking ridiculous will cheer anyone up. 



Mary Beth 


About the Author: Mary Beth Cooper is the founder and CEO of Curvicality. After getting an MBA, she dedicated her life to creating media that celebrates bodies of all sizes. In her spare time, she can be found hanging out with her fur kids (Gabbana and Taber), taking a Peloton ride or run (her favorite hobby), catching up with friends and spending time with family. She’s a lover of all things sparkle and lace. She can be reached at: 


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