September 2019

Amanda LaCount - #breakingthestereotype - Curvicality Magazine

Meet Amanda LaCount – This Rising Star is #Breakingthestereotype

You’ve seen her on Ellen, Dancing with the Stars, Brut, Daily Mail, CNN and Marie Forleo. Now, Amanda LaCount opens up to Curvicality about life as a social media superstar, how she is rising  above the “skinny girl stereotype” in the professional dance world; and how Curvicality readers can find body confidence.  

Kilimanjaro - Curvy Crew - Curvicality Magazine Article

The Curvy Kili Crew: They Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro

The Curvy Kili Crew consisted of women of all ages, shapes and sizes. However, they all shared one common goal: They wanted to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro as a team. And they would do just that.

Fall Fashion 2019 - Curvicality Magazine

9 Fall Fashion Trends We Adore (And Where to Find Them)

Mauve, Leopard Print, Bell Sleeves, Cape Dresses – And More!

Curvicality Fashion - Boot Trends Fall 2019

5 Boot and Bootie Trends/Fall

These boots!

Body Image Blues - Curvicality looks body image blues and what you can do about them and ultimately love your body just the way it is.

The 4 Things to Remember When You’ve Got the Body Image Blues

We’ve all got a story about plus-size body image. Here’s mine.

Carmen-Rene-Column-#eatthecaketoo - Curvicality Magazine

Eat the Cake Too Column – with Carmen Rene

Welcome to Eat the Cake Too with Carmen Rene … that’s me! I’m a body acceptance advocate, lymphedema warrior, model, speaker and social media influencer. I’ll be joining you every month here at Curvicality.

Curvicality - News & Opinion - Danni Levy Fat Shaming

Rotten Tomato of the Week: Danni Levy, Self-Professed Fat Shamer 

British fitness instructor Danni Levy has discovered how to keep everyone at exactly the right weight: We just need to shame them.

Bill Maher Fat Shaming

Bill Maher: The Weight Supremacist

You’re not helpful, Bill Maher.

Swimsuit-gate -Opinion - Curvicality Magazine

The Real Scandals of Buttcheek-Gate: Body-Shaming, Racism, Sexism

We are glad to hear that a high school swimmer in Alaska who was disqualified from a match she won because the referee thought she was showing too much skin (while she was wearing the school-issued swim team uniform) had her victory restored to her. We hope that will be the end of Buttcheek-Gate, which smacked of sexism, racism and body-shaming. 

Demi Lovato bravely steps out with a no Photoshop body - that is beautiful!

Thank You Demi Lovato! You Are an Inspiration

Congratulations, Demi, and thank you for sharing your challenge with your body image!