December 2019

Thrifting as a Plus-Size Woman- Thrifty Tiana Menswear - Curvicality Magazine

10 Tips and Tricks for Thrifting as a Plus-Size Woman

My name is Amy, but I go by Thrifty-Tiana. Why? I am the ultimate plus-size thrifter.

Holiday Dish: Homemade Noodles -Curvicality Magazine

One Great Holiday Dish: Homemade Noodles

If you like to cook at all — and maybe even if you don’t — you probably have at least one dish you make every year for holiday dinners. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving/Christmas/other holiday your family celebrates without it. For me, that dish would be chicken and noodles.

Santa Pancake for Holiday Breakfast - Curvicality magazine

Plan A Holiday Breakfast

When I was a little girl, Christmas morning breakfast was not a thing at all. Christmas morning was a time for racing to the tree to examine all the new loot. I cannot even remember if we ate breakfast. 

Should We Make New Year's Resolutions Or Not - new years resolutions pros and cons - Curvicality Magazine

Should You Make a New Year’s Resolution?

Should you or shouldn’t you? That was our debate in the Curvicality office. Mary Beth Cooper, Curvicality’s founder and CEO, says no. Sophia Sinclair, our sex and relationships editor, says yes. Who makes the better case? You decide:

Body Positive Image -Carmen My Body Isn't Flawed Your Thinking Is - Curvicality Magazine

Body Positive: A Hijacked  Movement

Do you feel underrepresented and judged based on your size, race, how you identify or due to a disability? If so, the body positive movement was created for you! 

Surviving the Holidays with Your Self-Esteem Intact - Paige Fieldsted - Curvicality Magazine

Surviving the Holidays with Your Self-Esteem Intact

The holidays are upon us. The weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas are filled with family gatherings, holiday parties, seeing people you haven’t seen since last year, and enough food and sweets to last us a whole year. 

Kandis Draw - 2020 Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance Advocacy Leader for Illinois - Curvicality Magazine -Knowing Your Body Could Save Your Life

Knowing Your Body Could Save Your Life

Curvy friends, I want to take an opportunity to speak to you about the importance of gynecological health. We all get our pap tests and other appropriate tests recommended for us based on our age and health history, right? We hope you do! – Kandis Draw – 2020 Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance Advocacy Leader for Illinois 

body positive life - paige Fieldsted - curvicality Magazine

Living a Body Positive Life — How I Practice What I Preach 

So you’ve finally figured out how to love your body, or at the very least be at peace with it. Now what?

Curvy Artists Collective Group Pic - Curvicality Magazine

Look Out Hollywood, Here Comes The Curvy Artists Collective

When Marlee Dater and Lauren Baez briefly met at a New York audition, they had no idea that the brief meeting would change their lives … and the lives of other curvy artists around the country.

Influencer Nikki Lynch & TV Crew Web -Curvicality Magazine

Filmmaker Nicki Lynch Promotes Body Positivity with PLUS Positive 

If you’re a Madonna fan, you’ve undoubtedly sang the lyrics, “Strike a pose there’s nothing to it … Vogue” hundreds of times. But is it really that easy?