December 2019

shine bright like a diamond - Victoria Jacobs - Curvicality magazine

My Story: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Being plus-size is a beautiful thing. My curves are round, my thighs are thick and wide. I feel enormous love and pride for myself. We are not all meant to look the same or wear the same size, just as our race and skin color are not the same. 

tall plus-sized women-Kandis Draw - Curvicality Magazine

Tall Plus-Size Women – Why I Love Being One

How Beauty Pageant Life Has Empowered Me as Plus-Size Woman - Crystal Campbell - Curvicality Magazine

How Beauty Pageant Life Has Empowered Me as a Plus-Size Woman

Single mom of two teenagers, formal wear style consultant, former teacher and … plus-size beauty queen?

Coupled Life vs. Single Life - Curvicality Magazine

Coupled Life vs. Single Life: Curvicality’s Highly, Highly Scientific Quiz Will Reveal Which is Right For You

Just look at how green that grass is! Yes, that grass over there, on the other side of the fence. Man, that is some green, green grass.

Dating Outside Your Type - Sophia Sinclair - Curvicality magazine

Dating Outside Your Type

Do you have a type? If someone were to round up your three last partners, would they appear to be triplets separated at birth? 

‘Perfect Fit’ Serves Up Plus-Size Romance - Sophia Sinclair - Curvicality Magazine

‘Perfect Fit’ Serves Up Plus-Size Romance

You know Sophia Sinclair, our sex and relationships writer, from Shits and Giggles and her other pieces in Curvicality, but did you know she also writes romance novels? We sat down and talked to Sophia about her latest book, “Perfect Fit,” which features a plus-size protagonist.

The Selfie Doctors - Sophia Sinclair- Curvicality Magazine

The Selfie Doctors

Hello, class! Welcome to “From Hot Mess to Hot Stuff.” My name is Dr. Dimitra Selfieskaya. I hold a doctorate in Instagramology and I’ll be teaching you today how to make yourself look completely unnatural. 

how will you ring in the new year? Curvicality Magazine

How Will You Ring In the New Year?

Where will you be when 2020 arrives? Will you be tucked up in flannel pajamas in bed, snoozing, or will you be wearing something glittery and kissing in the new year?

guilt free holiday - Curvicality

Ditching the Guilt: The Holiday Your Way

You are not your grandma and you are not your mom. You are not even that aunt who aspires to outdo Martha Stewart. You get to do the holidays your way.

Your Boobs Have A Point or Two to Make

Your Boobs Have A Point or Two to Make

Hello up there. It’s us, your boobs. We have a couple of points to make. (Our model Is Rachel Micheletti.)