May 2020

A Perfect 14 plus-size model

“A Perfect 14” Documentary Reveals Surprising Truths About the Plus-Size Modeling Industry

The modeling industry shows you a fantasy. “A Perfect 14” shows you what’s behind it.

Lp Exercise At Home

LP: Yes, You Can Get In a Great Workout, Even At Home!

Before you go out and buy something you want but don’t need, take a look at your home and realize it’s already full of exercise equipment in one way shape or form. 

There Will Be a New Normal After Covid 19

There Will Be a New Normal After Covid 19

When I was a kid, you bought a tub of margarine, removed the lid and there it was. There wasn’t a tamper-proof seal on anything. Not on food. Not on medicines. But then, in 1982, a murderer tampered with some packages of painkiller, and now we have a new normal — tamper-proof seals on everything — that none of us even thinks about anymore.

when your vagina is like an old tractor - Curvicality Magazine

Of Vaginas and Tractors, Part II

If you happened to read “When Your Vagina is a Lot like a Tractor” in a previous issue, you might have been wondering … how are things working out for Blanche?

Oh, Yes, Baby, Just Like That! Communication is All About Feedback

Oh, Yes, Baby, Just Like That! Communication is All About Feedback

“A little harder. Mmm, like that. Oh God, yes. That’s perfect. Now a little faster. Yeah. I love that.”

Curvology selling clothes during the epidemic

How I Kept My Plus-Size Boutique in Business During the Shut-Down

I opened Curvology, my plus-size clothing boutique, in November of 2018. My original business model was to create a safe space for women to walk in the door and find fashion-forward clothing that was not sold to the masses and not available anywhere else in town. 

plus-size modeling

Keeping a Body Positive Attitude as a New Plus-Size Model

“You’re so tall. You should definitely model!” 

Corona Hair

Spring’s Hottest Corona Hairstyles!

We all want to look cute this spring, as we sit in our houses alone and unseen. But we can’t hit the hairdresser, so we have to figure out our spring look without professional help. I’m sure it will go smashingly for all of us, though!

Coronavirus horoscope

Your Humorous Horoscope (I Totally Predicted This Pandemic, You Know)

It was in the stars all along

who are you dressing up for

Who Are You Dressing Up For?

And whose opinion about your appearance matters?