Mary Beth Cooper

Covid 19 Depression and Anxiety

Letter From the Editor: Struggling with COVID Anxiety? Here’s How One Anxiety Sufferer Copes

I’ve struggled with debilitating anxiety since I was a child. I had my first panic attack at just 5. Fast forward 40 years, and I’ve learned to cope. However, the coping tools I’ve learned are anything but COVID friendly.

Curvicality Summer Dresses Fashions

Summer is Looking Good in Dresses

Adorable summer dresses that will take you anywhere you need to go – or make ‘staying in place’ a lot more fun.

Eloquii plus-size Swimwear

Our Fave ELOQUII Swimsuits

Summer is coming – we promise. And whether you are cooling off in the back-yard sprinkler, or sitting six feet apart at the beach, you will want to look delectably cool in one of these.

social distancing

Curvicality Founder Mary Beth Cooper: 50 Things to Do When You’re Social Distancing

We live in a society where we’re constantly on the go. Concerts, movies, kid activities, sporting events and the list goes on. But what do we do when that all stops?

Torrid Outfits - Curvicality Plus-size-Magazine

Our Favorite Spring Outfits from Torrid

You’ve been asking for coordinated Torrid outfits. Here are four adorable, complete early spring outfits from Torrid. Enjoy!

DANYA Curvicality Plus-Size Magazine 1

Meet Body Positive Influencer and Aerial Yoga Instructor Danya Avner

Danya Avner, a body-positive influencer and aerial yoga instructor with more than 530K followers on TikTok, wants you to know aerial yoga is for all body types. In fact, she posts videos daily to prove it.

Are You Using Expired or Counterfeit Hair Products Without Even Knowing It? - Curvicality Magazine

Are You Using Expired or Counterfeit Hair Products Without Even Knowing It?

Do you know where your shampoo has been? 

Body Love? It Doesn’t Start with His Opinion - mary beth cooper - Curvicality magazine

Body Love? It Doesn’t Start with His Opinion

I talk to women about their bodies all day long. In the process, I hear a recurring comment: “He (or she) really loves my body.”

at-home exercise - six favorite at-home workouts for 2020 - Curvicality Magazine

6 At-Home Workouts We Adore

No time to go to the gym? Bring the gym home to you.

For Our Readers Who Have Really Poor Body Image:  The Pity Party You Need to Allow Yourself to Have - curvicality Magazine

Letter from the Editor: Why You Need a Body Image Pity Party

If you’re looking for a pity party, you’ve come to the right place. Come on in and grab a glass of wine. In fact, grab a bottle and tell me exactly why your body sucks.