October 2019


Feature: The Inspiring World of Carmen Rene

If you’ve ever said “I feel fat,” you’ll definitely want to read this.

Pole Fitness Curvicality Article

Plus-Size Pole Fitness: Get On Up There, Girl!

Pole fitness is all the rage. But what about plus-size pole fitness?

Dating Apps Reviewed - Curvicality Magazine

Dating Apps Defined 

When you’re married, life is about getting home to your S.O. (Unless, of course, you’re annoyed, at which point you avoid them like the plague.) When you’re single, life is about weird dating apps. 

Lane Bryant Im No Angel Hed 2015 -Curvicality

How Lane Bryant Nailed It With “#ImNoAngel”

Years ago, I was shopping for an engaged friend’s bridal lingerie party. My task was to purchase something sexy for her upcoming honeymoon.

His Perspective - She Never Called Back-Curvicality Magazine

She Never Called Back: A Guy’s Perspective

Do you have a positive self-image? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you like who you are and what you’ve accomplished in life? Would you like for all of that to come crashing down? 

Paige Fieldsted Curvicality Magazine

How Practicing Body Gratitude Changed My Life 

What would it take for you to be grateful for your body? For me, I had to almost lose my life.

Raise Kids Who Don’t Hate Their Bodies - Curvicality magazine

How to Raise Kids Who Don’t Hate Their Bodies

A lot of us are doing the hard work of learning to love our bodies just as they are. But how can we raise our children to love their bodies, sparing them the hurt we went through?

Body-Shaming-Among-Gal-Pals - Curvicality Magazine

Body Shaming Among Gal Pals? Yes, It Really Is a Thing

Chances are, if you’re a plus-size woman, you’ve run into this scenario: Some of your pals have invited you to lunch. It’s spring, and finally time to socialize after a long winter. Maybe you haven’t seen each other in a while. You banter, catch up with each other’s lives, drink mimosas and wine, and have a grand old time.

Friendship: The Unconventional Method I Used to Overcome Body Shame By Kandis Draw - Curvicality Magazine

Friendship: The Unconventional Method I Used to Overcome Body Shame 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and compared yourself to the woman standing next to you and thought “Wow, why couldn’t I look that good?” 

Revenge Body Opinion - Curvicality Magazine

Please Don’t Get a Revenge Body 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever broken up with someone (or gotten an unwanted divorce) and suddenly wanted to get the best body of your life just to piss them off.