August 2021


Hats Off to Old Navy! We Love Their Size-Inclusive BOD EQUALITY Campaign

Old Navy is on a mission that we love: to create a world where all sizes are equal. On Aug. 20, the retail chain will launch BODEQUALITY, a campaign where every size will be offered in all of its women’s styles with zero price difference.

Mary Beth Cooper, Curvicality Founder and Editor

A Letter From Curvicality Founder / Editor Mary Beth Cooper

This late-summer issue of Curvicality Magazine is a celebration. We’re back and stronger than ever! Covid put a dent in our publication, but we came together as a community to overcome all of the obstacles standing in our way. It takes an army, and we created one.


An Ode to the FUPA*

*and other parts of us we need to be grateful for

plus-size photographer Jose Pagãn

Plus Size Photography: Jose Pagãn’s 5 Tips for a Great Photoshoot

Are you looking to get some great photos? Whether you’re a seasoned plus-size model or a gal who’s simply looking for a one-time photographic adventure, you’ve probably wondered just what it takes to get great photos. Here are Jose’s top tips for getting the best plus size photography. Above: Jose Pagãn and Tay Lee De Castro. Photo by Jose Pagan.

Rachel Micheletti

Influencer Spotlight: Rachel Micheletti

If you ask Rachel Micheletti the meaning of life, she’ll say: “The meaning of life is looking for magic everywhere and making it yourself where there is none.” Photos by Jose Pagan.

Eight Tips To Help You Argue More Productively

8 Tips To Help You Argue More Productively

It’s six o’clock on a Sunday night. Your feisty guy is sitting on the couch bingeing season after season of deer hunting shows, simultaneously spilling popcorn all over the floor.

What Body Positivity Means to Me

Brittney Saldaña: What Body Positivity Means to Me

For myself, body positivity is a work in progress. It’s taken me a long time to accept myself as I am. 

Body Dysmorphia

Why I Started an Instagram to Beat Body Dysmorphia

My struggle with body acceptance began as early as elementary school. My family shamed me and gave me nicknames like thunder thighs or squatty body. I was always the biggest one on the cheer squad or ballet or gymnastics.

Plus-Size PR

The World of Plus-Size PR: Meet Emma Medeiros

With 70% of the nation being plus-size, you would think PR agencies would be lining up to sell to the masses.

manifesting greatness

Greatness is Coming, and I’m Creating It

We always want to be better versions of ourselves. The question is: How can we make that happen?