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Quarantine is a hairy problem

Quarantine is a Hairy Problem

Have you seen my hair?

Rasheedah Williams - Jana Johnson

Meet Jana and Rasheedah – the Plus-Size Models Curvicality is Crushing On

How two good friends plan to ‘take over the world.’

Quarantine body

Carmen Rene: Your Quarantine Body is Still Your Summer Body

Maintaining a positive body image can be a challenge in the best of times. We are not in the best of times; we are in the middle of a pandemic. If you are struggling, you are not alone.

My Husband Helped Me Learn to Love My Body and Heal My Broken Heart 

Why I’m Not Ashamed to Tell You That My Husband Helped Me Learn to Love My Body and Heal My Broken Heart 

Sometimes, the right partner can make all the difference….

Carmen Rene Column: Ladies, Your Pleasure is Non-Negotiable

Eat the Cake Too with Carmen Rene: Ladies, Your Pleasure is Non-Negotiable!

If you jiggle, you jiggle.

Reclaim. Unchain. Reframe. 

Rachel Micheletti: Reclaim, Unchain, Reframe … Taking Back Your Power 

Think back to the first time another person took the time to make you feel that you were not of value because of your body shape or size. That you had less worth than someone else. That you were not beautiful or important or meaningful. That you didn’t deserve to take up your space.

amanda lacount

Amanda LaCount: Breaking the Stereotype By Breaking Out

If you are anything like me, over the course of your life you have had people tell you what you could not do. I was told I was too big to be a figure skater, I was the wrong sex to play ice hockey, I was too fat to be a cheerleader (especially a flyer), I was too short to be a model, and I was too fat to be a dancer. 

Kailey Kornhauser - biking is for every body

She Biked Across Alaska … Meet Body-Positive Cyclist Kailey Kornhauser

Add biking to the very long list of things anybody of any size can enjoy. 

DANYA Curvicality Plus-Size Magazine 1

Meet Body Positive Influencer and Aerial Yoga Instructor Danya Avner

Danya Avner, a body-positive influencer and aerial yoga instructor with more than 530K followers on TikTok, wants you to know aerial yoga is for all body types. In fact, she posts videos daily to prove it.

Did Lizzo Ask You for Your Opinion, Jillian Michaels? - Curvicality magazine

Did Lizzo Ask You for Your Opinion, Jillian Michaels?

Jillian Michaels has been shredded by the public for her criticism of Lizzo’s weight, and rightly so.